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so when do we get to see honora

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about the blogger


Name ➔ Melissa
Will you answer all questions truthfully ➔ Yes
Are you single ➔ Yeah no i’m actually in a relationship with desna
Are you happy ➔ Eh I’m alright
Are you Italian ➔ Yes!! A quarter.

Are you German ➔ A quarter too.
Are you Asian ➔ Yeah, half Filipino
Are you angry? ➔ No…but I’m angry at my sickness

Are you Irish ➔ Nope
Are your parents still married ➔ Yeah

Birth Place ➔ California
Hair Color ➔ Really dark brown + light brown highlights 
Eye Color ➔ Dark brown
Birthday ➔ July 24
Mood ➔ Tired
Gender ➔ Female
Lefty or Righty ➔ Lefty
Summer or winter ➔ Both
Morning or afternoon ➔ Afternoon

Are you in love? ➔ Yes with a fictional boy :|
Do you believe in love at first sight? ➔ No
Have you ever broken someone’s heart? ➔ Yes…LOL minh-o you know (siete)
Are you afraid of commitments? ➔ Depends
Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ Yes
Have you ever had a secret admirer? ➔ Nope that would be really creepy for me though
Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ Is that even possible? Unless I did surgery on myself and actually broke my heart what a great mental image

Love or lust ➔ Love
Lemonade or iced tea ➔ Both but rn iced tea
Cats or Dogs ➔ Dogs
A few best friends or many regular friends ➔ Both
Television or internet ➔ Internet
Pepsi or Coke ➔ Coke
Wild night out or romantic night in ➔ Both
Day or night ➔ Day
IM or Phone ➔ Phone.

Been caught sneaking out ➔ I’ve never snuck out in my life
Fallen down/up the stairs ➔ Yes one time I did like a somersault down some
Finished an entire jawbreaker ➔ Small ones
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ Yes
Prank called a store ➔ Does Pizza Hut count
Skipped school ➔ Yeah, but with a parent calling in or getting me out
Wanted to disappear ➔ In awkward/uncomfortable situations 

Smile or eyes ➔ Eyes
Light or dark hair ➔ Dark
Shorter or Taller ➔ Taller please I’m already short as it is
Intelligence or Attraction ➔ Both.

Hook-up or Relationship
 ➔  Relationship.
Funny and poor OR rich and serious ➔ I don’t have a preference really because I know people I care about/am friends with are more varied than just two words

Last Phone Call ➔ My Grandma
Last phone call you received ➔ Tristan :|
Last person you hung out with ➔ My little sister
Last thing you ate ➔ Cereal it is 5:42 but I’m sick and I’m not hungry
Last thing you drank ➔ Milk
Last site you went to ➔ Here…but before Yahoo Mail
Last place you were ➔ Doctor’s office

Do you and your family get along  ➔ Yeah we’re a pretty nice family but I get frustrated a lot
► Would you say you have a “messed up life” ➔ Not “messed up” but we all have our problems right? 
Have you ever run away from home ➔ No but when I was a dramatic little girl (I am still now) but back then I dramatically looked out my window and thought about it just because I got put in time out or something LOL
Have you ever gotten kicked out ➔ Nope

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Youp asked for more Korra/Princess Mononoke… and… I got REALLY into it. I went for Kid!Korra-San this time. 

Reference from Kate-Fox’s pose studies as well as concept art for Naga (I couldn’t find who drew the particular picture I traced, I only know it was shown at Comic-Con. If anyone knows the name of the artist, please let me know so I can credit them!)

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Kai said he made up this move to get his airbending tatoos but really he just wanted to impress his girlfriend

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Animation layouts from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し).

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source (x)

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Korra in palette 4. Requested by motherofavatars and anon

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here are some transparent smiling twins getting ready to throw people into their ice prison for your blog

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"Tyra ain’t got nothing on this SMIZE", said @official_sokka. Well, he’s right. WERK!

Supermodel Tyra Banks has shared a fanart of Sokka on her Instagram account.

Link to photo: instagram.com/p/rFbyrdKQK-

This means Tyra likes the show!! Bryke needs to see this

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This is really fucking cool.

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this is what happened, right?

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Imagine your icon being your sole companion in the zombie apocalypse. They have all the powers they have in the movie/game/show they’re from.

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Pfft, they’re swinging in the wrong direction >_<

My backgrounds are terrible